Our Story

Full of Flavor, Dedicated to Great Taste

We're Pete and Gate, a married couple who love to cook and spice things up. In 2020, when the pandemic hit, we started making our own sauces and seasonings as a hobby and a way to cope with the lockdown.

We soon realized that our products were not only delicious, but also unique and versatile. We decided to share them with our loved ones at backyard BBQs, and they were amazed by how our flavors transformed their dishes. They encouraged us to spread the joy of our sauces and seasonings to the world, and that's how PetezGate was born.

Our brand name is a tribute to our childhood nicknames, which remind us of the happy times we spent with our families. We want to bring that same happiness to you, with our sauces and seasonings that can make any meal more fun and flavorful. Try PetezGate today and taste the difference!